Dahlia and the animals visit Dunlace Public School

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The young students at the Dunlace Public School’s Children’s Centre in Toronto had some special guests today in their classroom. Our veterinary technician Dahlia brought some feathered, furry and scaly friends to visit with the students this morning. Dahlia introduced the class to the world of exotic animals with the help of her friends Dotti the zebra finch, Lord Greystoke the cockatiel, Tobi the corn snake, Gilbert the bunny, Little Dinosaur the New Caledonian giant gecko and crested geckos Crusher and Krista. Dahlia taught the students about the animals and the students were excited to be able to interact with these interesting pets.  After the presentation at the Children’s Centre, the students of Mme McInnis’s Grade Two/Three class at the school also had a visit with some of the animals.  We would like to thank Ms. Gulston, Ms. Agemian, Ms. Wright, Ms. Shahbaz, Ms. Wong, Mme McInnis and all of their students for their warm hospitality.

Krista (300x199)A student gets to feel Krista the crested gecko’s soft feet. Gilbert (300x199)Gilbert is happy to meet the children. Tobi (292x300)Tobi makes a new friend.

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