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Another owl treated at The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic

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A tiny Northern Saw-whet owl with a broken wing was acquired by The Owl Foundation late last week.  It isn’t known how the owl broke his wing and The Owl Foundation brought him to our clinic so he could be assessed and to see whether or not the wing could be repaired.

 Saw-Whet Owl (300x225)  The Northern Saw-whet owl is one of the smallest owls native to North America and is about the size of an American robin.  They are also among the few North American owl species that migrate south in the fall and return in the spring to their breeding areas.  They are low-flying birds and can be hit by vehicles or fly into buildings, which is a major cause of injury or death.
After an examination and x-ray, an open fracture of the right humerus was diagnosed, meaning the bone in the upper right wing was sticking out through the skin.  Owl x-ray (640x479)

Dr. Evan Mavromatis tackled the challenge of repairing this fracture in a lengthy surgery.  Due to the small size and diameter of the owl’s bones, Evan had to employ some creative ideas to stabilize the fracture.

 Saw-whet Owl (1) (300x299) The owl pulled through the surgery and is recovering nicely. He is now back in the capable hands of the dedicated staff of The Owl Foundation where he is being cared for while he heals.  Afterwards, he will be rehabilitated with the goal of releasing him back into the wild.

The Owl Foundation is a charitable organization that helps injured and orphaned owls get to a point where they can survive on their own in the wild.  Our veterinarians and staff volunteer their expertise and surgical services for The Owl Foundation.

Please click here to find out more about The Owl Foundation and how you can help.

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