Reptile & Amphibian Health Examinations

Reptiles and amphibians are a group of very extraordinary pets. Their exothermic or "cold-blooded" nature gives them a very unique set of requirements that are normally not considered in keeping their feathered or furry counterparts. This can make keeping these animals as pets very exciting, but to the inexperienced, it can also lead to severe life threatening problems. Our doctors and staff at our Toronto clinic have an intimate knowledge of the needs, physiology and health of these species. There is a lot of good information to be found about these species on the Internet, but there are also many false or misguided facts. We can help you filter the facts from the fiction. Regardless of the species you decide to get, an initial examination of your pet by our qualified veterinarians should be part of your research process. We can get you started on the right track and make sure that your newest family addition is and will remain healthy. For those pets who have been with you for a while, we hope they remain healthy and strong. But should they fall ill, our facilities are equipped to deal with them. In addition, many of the tests, procedures or treatments available to other animals are also available to your reptile or amphibian.


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