Turtles and Tortoises

Regardless if they are aquatic or terrestrial, nutrition and environmental related disorders and diseases are common in turtles and tortoises.  Setting up a consultation is your first and best step in preventing these problems and keeping your turtle or tortoise healthy.  We are also skilled in treating these problems should they develop, and can offer advice and medication to prevent further development of problems.

When housed and fed correctly, many turtles can live up to 25 years or more and many tortoises can live significantly longer then that.  Unfortunately, many never live to their full potential as problems are missed or initial information many owners receive may be flawed.  Any changes in behaviour, appetite, appearance or energy may be a sign of underlying illness.  Should you notice any of these or other changes to your turtle or tortoise, they should be brought to our Toronto hospital to have our qualified veterinarians evaluate their health.

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By Appointment Only - Appointments start at 10 a.m. Drop offs and pick ups as of 8 a.m. For Emergencies after hours call: The Veterinary Emergency Clinic - 416-920-2002. *The doctors at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic may not always have the same intimate knowledge of, or comfort level in, dealing with certain species of animals as we do at The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic. But they will always be honest with you and do the best they can to get your pet through an emergency.