Laboratory Services

Laboratory tests are among our greatest tools in helping assess the health of your animal.  These include blood tests, microscopic examinations, cultures, DNA tests, urine and fecal tests, and histopathology (examination of tissue samples).  Many of these tests, such as certain blood tests, urine and fecal tests, and microscopic examinations, can be completed at our facility or “in-house” by our experienced staff.  Specialized tests or those requiring special equipment or procedures are sent to local laboratories who have specialists overseeing and evaluating the results.  There are a number of laboratories whose services we utilize in the Toronto and surrounding areas, and we work closely with their specialists to ensure that the results we receive for your pet will be prompt and accurate.

Many of the same tests that can be done for dogs, cats and even people, can be done on you exotic pet, regardless of their size or shape.  Ask about what tests are recommended routinely to help monitor your pets’ overall health!