In Memoriam

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    Our little bundle of joy Spot went to sleep for the last time on the evening of March 14, 2016. He lived a wonderful life and we miss him terribly, but he will always be with us.
    R.I.P. Spot  2008-2016.

    03-15-2016 Spot (500x281)

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    My dearest Nutmeg, you were the best little parakeet (aka. Velociraptor) that a human could ever have. You were full of moxie and independence, yet loved being with me when we had play time. When you became ill you still carried through as best as you could. Your love for your mate, Zucchini and four other flock mates including your humans had no bounds. You brought life and love to all of us. We will miss you so much. A special “thank you” to Dr. Axelson and staff for your care.

    01-14-2016 Nutmeg (296x400)

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    Mitsy was a sweet little hamster and her family loved her very much. All through her little life she was loyal to me, Maya, and had a nip for everyone else. I gained her trust and had to do the best thing for her in the end. Mitsy will always hold a very special place in my heart. Love you Mitsy.


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    Bob Dylan

    Bye bye our little Bob Dylan. You did such a great job and taught us so much about the power of resilience and a positive attitude. Your zest for life was so beautiful to behold. We are all so proud of you. Everyone loves you. Have fun with Burton up in heaven. We’ll see you on the other side.

    11-10-2015 Bob Dylan (400x300)

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    Innocent, gentle, trusting Ruby loved life & her natural diet, especially Radicchio lettuce, Timothy Hay, dried vegetables. Intrigued, she’d watch Pamela run on an exercise wheel then suddenly discovered this joy one night; loved to run through cardboard/bamboo tubes; greeted Pamela with affectionate gurgling chirps before they groomed each other; loved redecorating -moving branches & clearing paths through Timothy Hay & dried flowers. We miss you Ruby. Enjoy a digging box over the degu rainbow.


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    She was with me for many years. Rick, his dad and staff suffered through her squeaking and loud noises but loved her. She was my non human half. She loved me and listened to me natter all day. Shirley you were very special and I will miss you deeply.

    11-02-2015 Shirley (322x400)

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    Tweety, you were the best and my favourite budgie ever. I’ll miss your singing and your curiosity. Rest in peace, Tweety.

    09-14-2015 Tweety (640x543)

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    Maximus Decimus Meridus

    I am so fortunate to have had you in my life. You had such a big personality, and were full of attitude. You knew exactly what you wanted and achieved it most of the time. Yet you were very affectionate, loving to snuggle with your brother, Quintus, and cuddling with me when you got older. You were confident, clever, funny, and exasperating; you never lost your drive for life, even when health issues made things so difficult for you. I will never forget you: my mouse, my gerbil, my love.

    09-11-2015 Max-wants-out-ed (400x289)

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    Malibu brought an unparalleled amount of joy to our lives. He was so much fun to be around and will always remain in our hearts. We miss him dearly!

    08-07-2015 Malibu

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    October 2014-March 2015

    My little doll. I loved watching how much you enjoyed everything in life, from the first time you got to dig in deep bedding, to chewing stir sticks and eating treats. You were such a sweetheart, giving me kisses and making me laugh. You were also adventurous and agile, doing ‘gerbil-parkour’ on the couch. You were only with me for a short time, but I’m glad I got to know you and happy you were able to have cuddles with Kit. I miss you lots.

    Ion-headshot (400x272)