In Memoriam

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    Cotton was a feisty yet patient soul, with a love for eating anything, especially hay. She loved “food time” so much that whenever she heard sounds and footsteps in the kitchen, or walking up the stairs, she would jump on top of her log house and stand there patiently staring in the direction of the sound. Cotton has been reunited with her sister Cocoa on the Rainbow Bridge. She will forever hold a place in our hearts.

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    After 16 wonderful years, we lost our beautiful Soleil (affectionately known as “Deed”).
    With bold colours and a personality to match, Deed stole the show every day of her life. She was sassy, curious, spoiled, and loving, and brought so much joy into our lives. Words can’t describe how special she was and life is less vibrant without her. Special thanks to Dr. Nur for her care and compassion throughout the years – we couldn’t be more grateful.
    Rest in peace sweet girl – miss you forever xox

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    Jessie at 6 months joined our family! She left a lasting memory on everyone she met.
    Sweet, cuddly, playful & smart. She enjoyed coming to work, loved the cottage & chilling in her favorite tree. She loved a shower & blow dry, peekaboo, cuddling in the sheets/down your shirt & just being together. Jessie brought so much happiness to our lives. At 14 years she suddenly became sick and died that day. Our hearts broke.
    We love you Jessie and miss you very much. You will always be our baby girl xo

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    Even though I only had a chance to be with you for a few years, you meant the world to me. Although you’ll be greatly missed I can finally rest assure that you are no longer suffering . My piggy is now at peace, I’ll never forget you Monica. A special thanks to Doctors Rick and Evan for the countless support and reassurance.

    04-20-2017 Monica (400x298)

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    RIP Joey. After 50 years of ruling our lives, Joey died today. He came round long enough to tell us one last time that he is a good boy and muttering, “Kiss, kiss”.  It will take a long time to get used to not having him around, especially as he always knew when it was time to wake up, eat lunch and dinner, and when it was time for him to go to bed.
    He was a real character and made us laugh a lot, and was also sometimes quite challenging. He will be greatly missed. Many thanks to Rick Axelson.

    03-20-2017 Joey (400x284)

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    Maslena (Masleona)

    She passed away on October 9th 2016 in my arms. Was very sick. I still remember her last terrible seconds. She was a rescued rabbit from ospca. Her previous owner gave her name Tickle-tickle. I renamed her as she started her new life without the cage, fresh veggies and farm hay and a lot of love. We were together for 9 years. Went through a lot of things. But she could not go through the last one.
    I buried her on our friends farm so I can visit her.
    Will always remember her.

    02-21-2017 Maslena (400x397)


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    merlin aurelius the squirrel

    My dear merlin, aged 28.5 years old passed away on January 26, 2017. He was my heart, my love and will be very sadly missed. He could not fly due to some ingrown feathers for some 10 or more years. He is now free to wander the skies. merlin was an amazing singer and the most stoic of all creatures I have ever know. Many thanks to Dr Evan for caring and helping for him over the years.

    He is now free, soaring free. And will never be forgotten. I love you my most precious one. julia xxx

    02-01-2017 Merlin (291x400)

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    Our lovely singer, TANGO, passed away Wednesday, January 18th peacefully at home in our hands, as he was an active, playful and loving bird until a few days ago when he started showing signs of slowing down. He was 11 years old and lived a great life with us. We will miss him as now our home is too quiet without his chirping, whistling and talking. We love you Tango, rest in peace!

    02-01-2017 Tango (299x400)

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    Taken from us at the young age of only 18, by cancer, Tica was with us for over 18 years, and we miss her terribly … we’ll never forget you Tica, may you rest in peace …

    01-08-2017 Tica (400x300)

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    Bella was happy to share anything with Pamela — never a dispute even if both could not have one treat. Bella slept much, hid under branches or ladders or in their cozy nest, climbed shyly into my hand to reach pepitas or sunflower seeds on my wrist, preferred water from a bowl, let Pamela go about her activities uninterrupted, but was content to cuddle and groom when Pamela wanted. Bella was a beautiful, selfless companion for Pamela and will always be in my heart. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

    12-16-2016 Bella (400x274)