Wing Clipping

Clipping a bird’s feathers can protect your bird and your home.  Wing clipping is a pain-free procedure that ensures the safety of your bird in his or her environment and keeps your bird from chewing holes in your doors and window frames.  It limits your bird’s ability to fly, removing the risk of injury from flying into a ceiling fan, onto a hot stovetop, or into (or out of) a window.

Having your bird’s feathers professionally clipped helps ensure that the right feathers are removed without irritating the skin. Improperly clipped wings can cause your bird to pluck or chew his or her feathers.  In addition, inexperienced wing clipping can result in a blood feather being accidentally trimmed, a situation that can become life-threatening.  We can perform this procedure safely while preserving the aesthetic appearance of your bird.  Please feel free to call our Toronto hospital and discuss if this option is right for your bird, as well as any concerns you might have, or to set up an appointment.

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