Wellness Testing

Exotic species are unique in that they do not have the countless decades of domestication that dogs or cats have.  Because of this, there are many wild traits still engrained into their personalities and behaviours.  One of those traits is the ability to hide illness until it becomes potentially life-threatening.  Along with regular examinations, this can be countered by regular routine testing.  A complete blood count or CBC examines the state of your pet’s immune system, and a blood biochemical analysis or Clinical Chemistry will evaluate the function of your pet’s organs and electrolyte balances.  Along with a fecal examination, these tests comprise our Wellness Screen and is recommended once annually, on all species.  Not only will this allow us a glimpse at your pet’s “insides,” helping us find minor problems that we can help prevent from becoming bigger issues, but it also allows us to develop a normal database for your specific animal in case he or she were to become ill at some point in the future.

Samples for the Wellness Screen can be collected at the time of your pet’s routine examination and normally only take a few minutes.  Blood is safely collected with a small needle from a blood vessel in your pet’s leg or neck, requiring little more restraint than what is needed to clip you pet’s nails.  Fecal samples can be collected from your pet’s carrier or you can bring in a fresh sample at the time of your pet’s examination.  Additionally, just like when you need to give a blood sample, no lasting effects are seen from this procedure.

Ask about having your pet’s Wellness Screen done at your next visit to our Toronto clinic!