As of June 1, 2022, we began implementing Stage Two of our reopening strategy, which means we are no longer requiring clients to show proof of their vaccination status before entering our clinic.  The following is the current protocol for what you can expect when you bring your pet to our clinic.

Please note that even though the Ontario government has lifted its mandatory mask requirements for most indoor settings as of March 21, 2022, we still require everyone entering our clinic to wear a mask. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, this protocol is subject to change.


If you have an appointment:

  • We will be allowing only one person to accompany your pet per appointment.
  • Please call us at 416-223-1165 or ring the doorbell when you arrive at our clinic. The doorbell is located on the left side of our front door.
  • Our reception staff will meet you at the front door to check you in once you inform them of your arrival. For those who cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons, we will continue to offer curbside service.
  • Our reception staff will then direct you to a seat in our waiting room.
  • All persons entering the building must wear a mask that fully covers the nose, mouth and chin at all times.
  • Please ensure the person accompanying your pet is able to inform our staff of the pet’s specific health care needs.
  • You will not be permitted to switch out with accompanying persons during the duration of your appointment.
  • Please remain seated at all times in our waiting room unless reception staff call you to the front desk. 
  • You will not be able to accompany your pet into the exam room unless the veterinarian deems your presence is essential to your pet’s appointment. If the veterinarian would like you to be present in the appointment, reception staff will escort you to the appropriate exam room. Since our exam rooms are small and cannot provide minimum physical distancing requirements, clients are asked to remain standing to allow for physical distance protocols.

If you do not have an appointment for your pet, but need to pick up food or medications and/or drop off a sample:

  • Please call ahead of time to let the clinic know that you are arriving to pick up food and/or medication.
  • When you arrive in our clinic parking lot, please call our clinic from your vehicle.
  • A team member will bring the food and/or medication to your vehicle.

If you are boarding your pet with us:

  • If you are dropping off your pet for boarding, please call our clinic from your vehicle when you arrive in our clinic parking lot.
  • A team member will come to your car to check you in. They will bring your check-in form, which they will fill out for you with your answers to their questions.
  • The team member will take your pet from your vehicle and bring him or her into our clinic to begin boarding.
  • When picking up your pet from boarding, a team member will bring your pet to your vehicle from the clinic.

For the purposes of euthanasia only:

  • We are allowing a maximum of two people into the clinic at the same time so they can say a final good-bye to their pet.
  • If you are coming into our clinic to say good-bye to your pet, masks that fully cover the nose, mouth and chin are mandatory and must be worn correctly.
  • Physical distancing is required.

If you are coming to our clinic by public transit:

  • Please notify us ahead of time that you will be using public transit to get to our clinic and we can make special arrangements for you.