Boarding Patient Information

Thank you for choosing our Boarding Facilities! Our Boarding Facilities will allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away. PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT accept submissions for this form without a boarding reservation scheduled with our reception staff via phone call or email. If you have booked a reservation, please make sure to submit this form at least 48 hours before the drop off date in order to finalize your booking. Failure to submit this form may result in a cancellation of your boarding reservation.

    If you are a new client, please make sure to submit our New Client Form as well.
  • Please provide the first and last name of the person, and their primary phone number.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not board fish or aquatic reptiles/amphibians.
  • For example: Dwarf Mixed Rabbit
    If your pet is new to our clinic, please also fill out a New Client Form on our website.
  • List the name of the medication and instructions per day. There is an additional medication fee per day.

  • For example: Zupreem Fruit Blend Diet for Medium Birds
  • If you are providing your own measuring tools, please specify how many scoops per day.
    PLEASE NOTE: We can only provide certain brands of pellets and Oxbow Timothy hay. Please contact reception to make sure we can provide your pet's main diet.
  • For example: 1 cup of lettuce per day.
  • We can only provide Romaine lettuce, carrot, apple, orange, and/or grapes.
  • We do NOT provide treats. You must bring your own from home.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your pet falls into the Bird, Small Rodent, Hedgehog, Sugar Glider, or Reptile/Amphibian category, please refer to the appropriate sections below.
  • For example: Bird cage, 33in (L) x 29in (H) x 26in (W).
  • Birds

  • Small Rodents, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders

    Excluding guinea pigs and chinchillas.
  • Reptiles

    Excluding large tortoises. Our clinic can provide a 50 gallon tank however, we only have one available. Please contact reception to make sure our tank is available for use.
    There is an additional hand-feeding fee per day.


    Your pet having his/her personal belongings (toys, treats, blankets) while boarding is important to The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic and your pet. Being away from the family is not always easy on our little ones and having a touch of home with them can be comforting. However, there are special considerations to make when your pet is boarding. While your pet may have a special bed, blanket or toy that they would never chew up at home, they may decide to chew it up while in a kennel away from home. We ask that NO irreplaceable/meaningful/non-washable items be left with your pet while they stays with us.