The popularity for keeping birds as companion pets continues to grow each year. Conversely, most people’s free time becomes limited in today’s lifestyle. Because of this, it becomes that much more important to understand that, in general, birds are still pretty much wild animals and are nowhere close to the domesticated status of our fellow animal companion dogs and cats. What this means is that they still maintain strong wild instincts. It is also important to understand that those instincts will be manifested regardless of whether we want them there or not. Birds will still scream and squawk, they will still chew and destroy and they will continue to explore, play and forage. How we deal with these behaviours plays a large role in how happy and healthy our birds will be. That being said, most of these behaviours can be guided to allow the bird to exhibit them in a controlled manner and to prevent unnecessary stress to both the bird and to us. The BBE Tree was formed with this in mind.


In designing the BBE Tree, it was important to provide an environment that not only is safe for the bird, but that will also aid in providing a controlled platform for them to manifest some of those natural behaviours. Functionality was therefore our primary goal. Used to it’s maximum potential, your birds will be able to travel the entire layout of the BBE Tree spending considerable more time foraging and exercising than they may typically do sitting in or on their cage.


Anyone who has a bird knows that the term “bird brain” used to describe a “slow-witted” person is clearly a misnomer.  Birds are very intelligent, and this can lead to them becoming bored very quickly with their toys or environment. Taking this into consideration, practicality became our second goal in the designing of the BBE Tree. With our unique perch design, the perch layout can be changed when your bird becomes accustomed to the BBE Tree. Change or rearrange one or two perches to provide subtle differences, or rearrange all perches and change the entire dynamics of the BEE Tree.


Birds are also wonderful chewers. If they can get their beaks on it, they will destroy it! With this in mind, our third objective was to make the BBE Tree affordable and safe. All the perches are made of natural wood and all the perches are meant to be chewed. The more imperfections in the wood, the more appealing it is for them to chew on. Best of all, once the bird has had a great time whittling a perch down to a toothpick, that perch can be replaced, at little cost, without having to replace the entire BBE Tree! The rest of your furniture will thank you!



Lastly, aesthetics were considered. Most of the BBE Tree is made of natural wood and thus maintains a natural look. It is custom made to your specifications allowing perch placement around the entire central pole or only on one side. This allows you to have it as centre piece in a room or tucked up next to a wall. Various other options are also available.


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