Dr. Nur and the animals visit Isna Elementary School

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Some of the students at Isna Elementary School in Mississauga were treated to a special surprise today.  Our Dr. Hanadie Nur introduced some of the exotic animals we routinely see at our clinic to several classes at Isna Elementary.  Hanadie taught the students of the Junior and Senior Kindergarten and Grades One, Two and Three classes about the importance of adopting animals from rescues and how critical it is to do your research before you adopt a pet.  She also taught the students a little bit about her animal friends who also came to the school to visit.  Hanadie was joined by Jimmy-2-Legs the red-eared slider turtle, Pig Pen and Elizabeth the gargoyle geckos, Tobi the corn snake, Gilbert the bunny and Manitou the crested gecko.  We would like to thank Isna Elementary School, the teachers and all of their students for their warm hospitality.

Isna Elementary (32) (400x327)Elizabeth the gargoyle gecko relaxes in Hanadie’s hand. Isna Elementary (87) (368x400)Tobi the corn snake is just hanging around. Isna Elementary (65) (400x346)Gilbert the bunny makes some new friends.

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