A day at Toronto Animal Services

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Rabbits…well, they breed like rabbits, as the saying goes. And the veterinarians at Toronto Animal Services invited Dr. Evan Mavromatis and Dahlia, one of our veterinary technicians, to their East Region animal shelter to help them learn how to spay and neuter rabbits and rodents.  Not only does spaying and neutering help control pet overpopulation, but it also helps reduce the incidence of reproductive diseases and behavioural issues.  Evan and Dahlia spent the day at Toronto Animal Services to show the doctors and technicians how to spay and neuter rabbits and rodents who have physiology and health-care needs that are very different from dogs and cats.  In all, nine surgeries were performed on four rabbits, four guinea pigs and one rat. A special thank you to Dr. Esther Attard, Dr. Peter Copeland, Dr. Carolyn Murray, Dr. Hanna Booth and all of the technicians and staff at Toronto Animal Services East Region for their hospitality.

Thousands of unwanted and lost animals end up at Toronto Animal Services shelters every year.
Please click here for more information on how you can help the animals.

Dahlia giving instructions to Dr. Murray. Bailey the bunny getting anaestethic. Evan getting ready to spay Bailey.

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