Bird or Avian Health Examinations

Twice annual routine health examinations are recommended for your pet bird. The veterinarians at our Toronto clinic will give him or her a complete physical examination, trim the beak and nails as needed, and trim the wings if desired to limit flight. We will do our best to answer all of your questions. Wellness testing is done yearly to assess your bird "inside."

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    Avian Nutritional Guidance

    The common cause of many health problems in birds stems from poor nutrition. In addition, different bird species frequently have different dietary requirements. Increased awareness and research into birds’ dietary…

  • Beak Trims

    Beak Trims

    Beaks continue growing throughout birds’ lives. Although birds’ beaks usually wear evenly, some birds develop beak problems and require veterinary assistance.  Incorrect beak trimming can cause your bird pain and…

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    Toenail Trims

    Most birds need to have their nails trimmed regularly. However, the process can be detrimental to your bird if his or her nails are trimmed too short. We can take…

  • Wing Clipping-1

    Wing Clipping

    Clipping a bird’s feathers can protect your bird and your home.  Wing clipping is a pain-free procedure that ensures the safety of your bird in his or her environment and…

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    Unfortunately, relying on physical appearance is not an accurate method of determining the sex of many birds. We can easily, reliably and safely tell you your bird’s sex by performing…