• LRAC Scouts Gilbert (800x651) (300x244)

    Beavers invade the clinic!

    Mar 26 2014

    Here’s something we don’t see every day at our clinic – beavers!  But we’re not talking about Canada’s national animal.  The Beavers colony from the 90th Scouts Group paid a…

  • Dahlia (300x287)

    Dahlia and the animals visit Dunlace Public School

    Mar 19 2014

    The young students at the Dunlace Public School’s Children’s Centre in Toronto had some special guests today in their classroom. Our veterinary technician Dahlia brought some feathered, furry and scaly…

  • ricky (800x534) (266x300)

    February 2014′s Animal Of The Month – Budgies

    Feb 28 2014

    Budgies and tweets make for a great combination! And so we were tweeting about budgies for the February edition of our Animal of the Month feature on our Twitter feed …

  • Northern Saw-whet Owl Aegolius acadicus Duluth, Minnesota, USA19 October      Adult     Strigidae

    Another owl treated at The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic

    Feb 13 2014

    A tiny Northern Saw-whet owl with a broken wing was acquired by The Owl Foundation late last week.  It isn’t known how the owl broke his wing and The Owl…

  • bfbs logo 2 (200x199)

    An Enjoyable Evening at the Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society

    Feb 07 2014

    In the midst of a tough winter and on the heels of December’s ice storm, our own Dr. Evan Mavromatis was invited to speak last night at the monthly meeting…

  • Rabbits - babies - 02

    January 2014′s Animal Of The Month – Rabbits

    Jan 31 2014

    We are wrapping up our very first Animal of the Month feature, in which we tweet fun and interesting facts about a different animal every month on our Twitter feed…

  • Blog cockatoo scream (176x200)

    How to deal with your screaming parrot

    Jun 25 2013

    Anyone who has had a parrot is aware of the potential behavioural problems that may arise in their feathered family members. Animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich offers her expert advice on…

  • Gill (300x161)

    A fond farewell to our Dr. Gillian Park

    May 24 2013

    Saying goodbye is never easy. And while we congratulate our own Dr. Gillian Park on her new career opportunity at a veterinary clinic in Mississauga, we are sad to see…

  • IMG_5942 (300x200)

    Congratulations Elga!

    May 02 2013

    Twenty-five years ago on May 1st, 1988, a keen, bright-eyed veterinary technician joined The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic family. We are proud to announce that Elga, who is…

  • Laser blog post (300x227)

    MLS Laser Therapy is now available for your pet!

    Apr 11 2013

    It’s an exciting week at The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic as we are now offering state-of-the-art therapeutic laser therapy for your pets!  MLS Laser Therapy can treat a…